Automate operations in your flexible workspaces

Zapfloor’s coworking management software takes the experience of your members, clients, and tenants to the next level. You can offer them a serviced workspace that leads to more satisfaction, collaboration, and well-being. In parallel, you’ll be able to manage your locations in the most efficient manner from one central, performant platform.


Stand out with the best coworking software 

As the market of serviced offices, coworking spaces and multi-tenant environments is becoming increasingly competitive, your coworking space software will be key in making you stand out and offer real value to your clients, members and tenants. With zapfloor, you offer a better office experience, enabling everyone to focus on what truly matters: collaboration, inspiration and innovation.

Advantages for you as a manager

Measuring and monitoring for continuous service improvement

When you run a coworking space, serviced office or multi-tenant environment, you know that the growth and sustainability of your operations largely depend on the service level you provide at any given moment. Thanks to an advanced dashboard, you keep a 360° overview of workspace activities and evolutions, enabling you to efficiently manage all your locations from one central coworking management software and continuously optimise your services.

Manage contracts & Billing

  • Manage contracts from one central location. Benefit from numerous handy and effective functions: configuration of your own contract templates, automatic indexation of your contracts, auto-renewal of contracts and more.
  • Use powerful billing and order management tools to streamline your business. Generate invoices with the press of a button, or automate the process and combine variable and fixed costs in one monthly invoice. View open orders, payment updates, and more.
  • Allocate credits to members. These credits can be used to book flex desks, meeting rooms, or other accommodations.
  • Look up and manage external clients, members and tenants. Rapidly find information on relevant groups or individuals.
manage billing

Communicate & Connect

  • Communicate with your clients, members and tenants. Send relevant broadcasts to whom they apply. Create news feeds and set up community boards.
  • Connect members, clients and tenants for fruitful collaborations and stronger networks. Add value by enabling them to meet, team up and work together.
  • Set up community events with a smart event tool. Strengthen collaborations and boost engagement through every event.
  • Boost your sales and marketing with our lead management system, transforming your website into a real revenue generator. View and update contacts, manage deals, send out quotes, and much more.
  • Maintain customer relationships with our CRM features. Add customers and contacts, manage billing information and more.

Measure & Improve

  • Swiftly navigate between different locations. Customise different dashboards and link features across workspaces.
  • Get reporting on space occupancies to know who is using your workspaces and control the capacity of various locations.
  • Benefit from tailored reporting setups. Standard reporting is provided to every customer, but if needed reporting can be completely tailored to your needs. Reporting possibilities include locations, turnover, meeting room insights, desk booking insights, occupancy rates, detailed turnover analysis per product, and more.
  • Solve reported incidents for better community management. Give your members, clients and tenants the feeling that they are listened to, thanks to quick responses to complaints and inquiries.
  • Make data-driven improvements thanks to multi-location-enabled analytics and reporting. It’s the ideal way to get a better understanding of your business.
measure and improve
organize and resolve

Organise & Integrate

  • Provide access to your facilities via your website or app. When booking via the website, external users don’t even need an account to start the booking process for flex desks or meeting rooms.
  • Manage meeting room bookingsOffer meeting rooms according to prices and conditions that depend on the type of contract. When meeting rooms are booked online, an invoice is sent immediately. This can also be done via integrations of tools like Google Calendar or Outlook.
  • Manage desk bookings. You can offer desks to your members, in line with their specific contracts. When booking a meeting room online, they immediately receive an invoice.
  • Track and announce visitors for more insight into workspace occupancy. Thanks to your visitor management tools, you can see who is visiting which workspace and many other details.
  • Benefit from smooth integrations to have a workspace management platform that is fully tailored to the specific activities of your serviced office, coworking space or multi-tenant environment. Discover the wide range of tools we can flawlessly integrate into your customised zapfloor suite.
Advantages for your members, clients and tenants

Customising your workspace experience with zapfloor’s coworking space software

Zapfloor’s coworking space software can be fully tailored to the experience you want to offer in your serviced office or coworking space. Your members, clients and tenants will be able to realise their full professional potential, leading to better results, fresh insights, fruitful collaborations and – ultimately – real satisfaction about their workspace. 

invite and connect

Invite & Connect

  • Inviting and announcing visitors has never been easier. Your members, clients, and tenants can stay connected with colleagues and contacts, engaging with relevant events and content happening at the office. 
  • Each visitor can smoothly check in and out using our visitor app, making transactions and collaborations seamless.

Book & Meet

  • Book the flex desk they need at any given moment. Whichever desk they prefer: thanks to our online booking system and integrated floor plan, it’s booked in no time.
  • Book meeting rooms thanks to an intuitive booking system. Your members, clients and tenants can simply book by using our smooth Outlook or G Suite integration, or via the zapfloor app.
book and meet
organize and resolve

Organise & Resolve

  • View and pay invoices for swift transactions. Members, clients and tenants can quickly look into their bills and ensure smooth and timely payments. They can pay their invoices via online payment tools or by bank transfer. There are countless payment options: wire transfer, SEPA direct debit, PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Reepay, Twikey and more.
  • Report issues with an intuitive issue reporting tool. No need for lengthy email conversations or reminders. Users can even get notifications on the status of their reported issues.
  • Find answers to their questions thanks to an extensive FAQ, which gives a broad overview of relevant information.

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