Welcome to the Advanced World of Work™.

To meet the rapidly changing needs of tomorrow’s professionals, you need tools that ensure the best office experience. This is where zapfloor steps in. We provide you with workspace management solutions for the Advanced World of Work™.

Whether you run a corporate workplace, serviced office, coworking space or multi-tenant environment: we help you boost collaboration, communication and wellbeing, ultimately leading to more satisfaction and productivity. At the same time, we’re eager to help you manage and monitor your locations more efficient than ever before. Wonder why we do it? Here you can get to know us a little better.

Next-level solutions for next-level businesses.

Our solutions work for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we work for just anyone. We truly want to connect with our clients, as we know that deep mutual engagement leads to the most optimal tailored systems. But if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then we certainly need to talk.

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We do it our way.

We challenge the traditional view on SAAS by combining a modular approach with tailored possibilities, while enriching our services with customized advice. By always going the extra mile and doing things our way, we stay ahead of competition while gently but determinedly challenging the sector.

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Your trusted guide.

Call us what you will. An established player in the market. An authority in workspace management solutions. Most of all, we want to be your trusted guide on the way to the Advanced World of Work™. As your compagnon de route, we understand your needs and we know how to meet them, time after time.

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Smooth innovator.

As the needs of both organizations and professionals keep evolving, so does technology – and the whole market. That’s why we’ll keep innovating to stay ahead of the game and offer our clients the smoothest, best performing solutions at any given moment.

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Serious by reputation, playful at heart.

With our early days far behind us, we have now joined the grown-ups. And although we have a serious, trustworthy and solid reputation, we will always be young at heart. We keep facing the world with a playful dynamic that keep us fresh and sharp.

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