Zapfloor brings you workspace management software for the Advanced World of Work™, taking your office experience to the next level.

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Workspace management has never been more efficient, intuitive, and sustainable.

Zapfloor suite is advanced, intuitive to use and fully tailored to your needs within weeks. As your trusted guide, we help your corporate workplaces, serviced offices, coworking spaces and multi-tenant environments become smarter, more collaborative and sustainable.

Have your fully tailored workspace platform within weeks.

Your zapfloor suite can be fully tailored to your corporate workplace, serviced office, or co-working space — and yet it can go live within weeks, thanks to our smart modular approach. A customized combination of desired features results in the best office experience.

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Compose your fully tailored zapfloor platform

Zapfloor’s modular approach enables you to have your customized workspace management platform up and running within weeks. And it all starts here: use our configurator to compose the solution that perfectly fits your needs – and those of your employees, members, clients and tenants.

Corporate Workplaces

Serviced Offices, Coworking Spaces & Multi-tenant environments

Compose your tailored workspace management solution

Ready to customize your workspace management platform? Here’s the place to start! Choose the modules you need and view a tailored solution for your corporate workplace.

  • Book and manage meeting rooms

  • Book and manage desks

  • Invite, approve and track visitors

  • Report and solve incidents

  • Interact with your community

  • Activate your satellite offices

  • Streamline cost flows

  • Integrate access control

  • Optimize your meeting room usage

  • Optimize your office real estate

Customize your workspace management platform

Our configurator is the ideal shortcut to your tailored workspace management solution. Get going by choosing your modules here. You’ll have a proposal for your serviced office, coworking space or multi-tenant environment in no time.

  • Stay connected

  • Announce and track visitors

  • Book and manage desks

  • View and pay invoices

  • Book and manage meeting rooms

  • Use powerful billing and order management tools

  • Manage contracts

  • Manage external bookings

  • Boost your sales and marketing

  • Multilocation Management

  • Advanced reporting

  • Report and solve incidents

  • Integrate access control

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Smooth interaction with your other tools.

Zapfloor seamlessly connects with any other tools you may have to manage your workspaces. Its versatility ensures smooth integration with your current software and hardware environment.

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Meet the expectations of tomorrow’s professionals.

As the world of work is rapidly evolving, there’s no time to lose in tailoring your workspace to the expectations of today’s — and tomorrow’s — professionals. While they want to organize their work flexibly and on their own terms, you aim to make your workspace efficient and sustainable. Zapfloor enables you to move forward to a new collaborative environment, where motivated professionals thrive: the Advanced World of Work™.

"Zapfloor helps us manage our coworking spaces at Fosbury and Sons from A to Z. The tool always provides us with handy overviews of available spaces to rent and gives us insightful statistics on all meeting rooms. With just a few clicks, we create quotes, invoices, and credit notes. 80% of our monthly invoicing is even done automatically through zapfloor.

Moreover, zapfloor’s support team is always there for us and gives us the necessary support where needed. The feeling that we are never alone and can always fall back on professional help is incredibly valuable to us.”

"My first experience with zapfloor goes back to 2019, with my previous employer. I recently changed jobs and I was happy to hear that my new employer also chose zapfloor.

It is a system that gives me a lot of peace of mind and where I can place and find everything in an organized way.

From invoicing to bookings for meeting rooms, my OCD thanks you!

The support service is fantastic, it's a wonderful team of motivated people who are always ready to help you and listen to the needs of the company!"

Larissa - Office manager - The Beacon

"As one of its first customers, d'Offiz was at the cradle of zapfloor - then a young startup founded by driven entrepreneurs Thomas and Wouter. More than 5 years have passed, and today they have managed to translate their vision on tomorrow’s office market into a tailor-made solution for managing business centers and room bookings at larger companies.

Being starters ourselves, we had been looking for the right match and for fitting combos between service and cost. Thanks to zapfloor’s flexible system, we have been able to respond quickly to an ever-changing market."

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