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Whatever you need to move forward: zapfloor is here to answer your questions and solve your workspace management issues.

We'll work together on a 6-step process that consists of: 1. A first intake meeting where we analyze which data is available and what business logic is required. 2. Data will be transferred and imported from the old system to zapfloor. After the first uploads, we walk you through the platform and perform tests together. 3. A second intake meeting takes place where we deep-dive into your business logic to configure your platform correctly. 4. We configure all the required integrations and ensure everything works as intended. 5. We configure the final pieces of the platform and give you hands-on training on zapfloor. 6. We prepare your team for the go-live and roll-out in all your locations.

Yes. You can set up different schedules for all of your user groups and customize them as you like.

Yes. Booking capabilities are entirely customizable. You can set up what we call "Access Profiles" for your users. Based on these access profiles, your users can get access to desks, rooms, floors, etc.

Yes, you can. This functionality is most often used by coworking spaces or serviced offices and can help get new members acquainted with your offering.

Everyone within your company can benefit from using zapfloor. We have two separate environments: one for operational staff and C-level, and one for all your other users. There is also a third environment for visitors and parcel deliveries.

Yes. Zapfloor is optimized for multi-location businesses. Meaning, we have optimized the process of managing all your offices from one centralized platform. In one zapfloor account, you can have locations in multiple countries, which have their own settings for accounting, VAT, languages, etc.

Yes, we do. Zapfloor offers an open API, enabling deeper integrations with our integration partners and allowing extra customizability for our clients.

We do. Our partnership program focuses on integrators - which are soft- and hardware companies that provide complementary solutions - and resellers. Note that our integrator partners can also be resellers.

We support any existing currency.

Out of the box, we support French, English, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, and Polish. More language support is possible if required.

Yes. Zapfloor will support you throughout the onboarding process. After a successful launch, you can still reach us via chat, email, and phone. We also offer our full online manual for you to use 24/7.

We offer integrations with a wide variety of tools ranging from door access, printing, payment systems, HVAC, and many more. Please visit our integration page for more info.

Yes. If desired, you can make zapfloor feel like it's entirely custom-made and even add your own branding to the platform.

The price you pay depends on the modules you wish to include in your software package and the size of your organization. Please book a meeting with our sales team for more information.

Yes, zapfloor is completely GDPR compliant. We review our processes continuously to ensure we keep updated with the required privacy laws in every aspect our our platform and business.

Yes. Zapfloor offers a native mobile app for all end-users. It also offers two web app environments - one for end-users and one for operators. Lastly, there's also a visitor app for managing visitors and deliveries.