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Are you tired of managing your coworking space, serviced office or multi-tenant building with outdated and manual processes? Zapfloor offers features to streamline your workspace management processes and create an efficient and enjoyable workspace for your tenants.

workspace management solution

Discover all of our coworking features down below

Note that you are not limited to these features alone.

Desk booking

  • Collaborate with your colleagues by booking a desk on the same day and in the same zone
  • Get insights into your desk usage
  • Set up your integrated floor plan
meeting room booking software

Meeting room booking

  • Book meeting rooms via your online calendar of choice, via an iFrame, our web app, or a (white label) mobile app
  • Fully customise your meeting room configurations
  • Get insights into your meeting room usage

Advanced workplace analytics

  • Measure how your spaces are being used
  • Understand the needs of your people
  • Optimise your office real estate
  • Customise your dashboards
workplace analytics tool
Visitor Management Tool

Visitor management system

  • Invite and receive visitors at the office
  • Manage access registrations
  • Offer your visitors a pleasant visitor experience
  • Receive and get notified of deliveries

Digital helpdesk

  • Report incidents in only three clicks
  • Keep track of incidents and filter based on status, priority, category, and more
  • Resolve incidents and automatically update the people involved
  • Integrate with external/ third party applications
digital helpdesk

Community engagement tool

  • Create community boards
  • Set up and manage events for your community
  • Interact with your members and employees

Online payments

  • Enable various online payments methods
  • Track online payments
  • Send structured payment reminders
  • Add fees for overdue payments
online payments
lead management

Lead management tools

  • Visualise your entire sales pipeline
  • Create and assign deals
  • Customise your sales process within zapfloor
  • Make use of in-depth reporting on your sales efforts

Contracting and subscriptions

  • Make use of digital authentication and contract signage
  • Fully customise your contracts by adding and removing subscriptions to services
  • Automate processes such as annual indexation of prices and contract renewals
  • Keep track of statuses and audit trails
Coworking contracts
manage billing

Order & billing system

  • Automate financial operations
  • Invoice fixed and variable costs
  • Keep track of your expected revenue and payment statuses
  • Integrate with third party accountancy software

Coworking CRM software

  • Manage your customers and userbase
  • Allocate credits and discounts
  • Automate processes such as annual indexation of prices and contract renewals
  • Make use of dashboards to see revenue and more
coworking CRM

Office marketplace

  • Offer extra services and goods
  • Manage product categories
  • Set up pricing, availabilities, and more

Due to our modular approach you can also request corporate features to be included.

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