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Zapfloor offers advanced software for managing your hybrid workplace, making your workspace management more efficient and intuitive, resulting in higher employee engagement, better collaboration and increased well-being.


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Unlock the full potential of hybrid working

As the definition of the ideal workplace is rapidly changing, it’s time you take your office experience to the next level. Today’s employees add great importance to flexibility, while companies need to monitor the usage of their offices more closely than ever. Zapfloor meets all these expectations with hybrid work- and workspace management solutions that are fully tailored to your corporate workplace, resulting in more collaboration, well-being, and sustainability.

Hybrid workplace solutions that increase employee satisfaction and productivity

Employee satisfaction at your company largely depends on the workspace experience you offer. Zapfloor tools are highly efficient, intuitive to use and enable your people to organize their work in the most flexible manner. Zapfloor enables employees to:

Invite & Connect

  • Book a flex desk for an optimal work experience at the office and swift collaboration with colleagues. Thanks to the online booking system and floor plan integration, employees can smoothly reserve a desk whenever they need it.
  • Book a meeting room in the easiest manner. No hassle with endless e-mails needed, just open your calendar and book through the seamless Outlook or G Suite integration, or by using the zapfloor app.
  • Thrive on new business encounters and fruitful collaborations. Swift bookings of flex desks and meeting rooms make up an ideal stepping stone for fresh contacts, active networking and inspiring collaborative projects at the office.

Book & Meet

  • Invite visitors with an effective booking system. The intuitive application enables you to invite and announce visitors and even book a parking spot for them. Your visitor receives a login code, while you as host receive a notification on the visitor’s arrival. In turn, visitors can also check in and out with our visitor app.
  • Stay connected through employee communication boards. It’s an intuitive and efficient way for employees to see what’s going on in the office and engage with content and events that are relevant to them.

Organize & Resolve

  • Switch to any available office in your office network. If you have multiple office spaces, it’s more productive to let employees work at an office that is nearest to them at any given moment.
  • Report an incident without wasting time. Thanks to zapfloor’s incident reporting feature, no issues or reminders will get lost and follow-up is assured. Other incident reporting tools can also be integrated.

Optimal and sustainable usage of your hybrid workspaces

As the facility or workspace manager, you have access to the advanced zapfloor dashboard, which enables you to monitor, measure, and manage your workspaces. This way, you’ll be able to continuously optimize the employee experience and the usage of your offices. Zapfloor enables you as a manager to:


Manage & Organize

  • Manage desks and meeting rooms. Set up booking policies that make sense for your business logic.
  • Solve reported issues with the digital helpdesk. Ensure quick response to open inquiries and complaints. Link your zapfloor helpdesk to third party software.
  • Manage your teams and your office space in a dynamic and flexible manner, from floor plan and overall layout to area access rights and availabilities.
  • Streamline cost flows Costs (e.g. catering or use of workstations) are charged to the appropriate department (with integration into their ERP if necessary).


Communicate & Collaborate

  • Communicate efficiently by sending broadcasts to employees. Quickly find contact details to inform relevant groups. Create news feeds and set up community boards for communication within specific groups.
  • Set up events with the handy community tool to strengthen company culture and boost employee engagement. Communicate on planned events, give employees tools to interact with events, and track all attendants.
  • Facilitate collaboration by allowing employees to find when colleagues have booked a desk and schedule their own bookings in accordance, or even by inviting colleagues to book on a specific day.


Monitor & Analyze

  • Understand the needs of your employees by tracking which zones, desks, or other spaces are booked, by whom, and how often they are booked. Learn and make data-driven improvements to enhance everyday employee experiences.
  • Optimize your office usage at any given moment by getting continuous and thorough insights into your occupancy, no-shows, virtual participation rate, and much more.

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