Before you buy your IWMS/ workplace management system

Before you buy your IWMS ebook

Things that you will learn from this Mini-Guide

In recent years, the use of an ‘all-in-one’ system to manage your office space has become a trend among corporates. Many IWMS – or Integrated Workspace Management Software – have evolved and expanded their scope to meet that need. Likewise, many new IWMS have started appearing, each promising to fullfill your workspace needs.
This often translates into a lot of work and time spent digging through information to find a solution that best matches your company’s specific requirements. Often, while having to compromise on some initial requirements. In this guide, we’ll help you shorten the time you need to spend on your research and help you eliminate the need to compromise on your IWMS needs. Things we’ll discuss in this guide:
  • Purpose of your IWMS
  • Solution scalability
  • Support requirements
  • Hard- and software integrations
  • IWMS maturity
  • Reviews and testimonials

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