6 marketing tactics to attract new leads to your coworking space

October 9, 2023

marketing tactics for coworkings
Do you dream of transforming your coworking space into a vibrant hub of innovation and collaboration but have struggled with finding new members? As the manager of a coworking establishment, your mission is not only to create the ultimate experience for your members but also to find new ones. But where?

In this blog post, we'll explore 6 strategies and tactics to help you attract and convert new leads effectively. From leveraging digital marketing techniques to building a strong community, we've got you covered.
1. How to: Make it easy for leads to find you
The cheapest way to be finable to new leads is by being visible in search engines. It’s what we call SEO, or search engine optimisation. The best news? It’s completely free.
Here are some key steps to get you started:
2. How to: Get an instant flow of leads with PPC
Have you ever looked up “Coworking space in Antwerp” and found a whole bunch of ads from competitors? It’s what we call SEA, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. It can provide an immediate boost to your lead-generation efforts.

Here's how to make the most of it:
Search Ads for coworking spaces
3. How to: Use social media to engage with your audience
Social media platforms are powerful and fun tools to engage with your current members, but also a nice way to show your workspace vibe to externals.

Here's how to leverage them effectively:
4. How to: Leverage reviews to boost credibility and sales
Positive reviews can significantly impact your coworking space's reputation and attractiveness to potential leads. Here's how to make the most of reviews:
5. How to: Event marketing
Creating a strong sense of community within your coworking space is essential for attracting and retaining members. Events are an excellent way to keep your members connected and to engage with leads.
5.1 Network events
Hosting networking events can help your members build friendships and business connections, both within and outside your community. Consider organising events like morning breakfasts, workshops with experts, yoga classes, happy hours, and game nights.
6. How to: Create & offer valuable content
Providing valuable content can position your coworking space as an industry leader and attract leads who seek knowledge and expertise.
As you can see, attracting new leads to your coworking space requires a well-rounded approach that combines digital marketing strategies, community-building events, and valuable content creation. By implementing the tips we gave above, start with one at a time, you'll be well on your way to creating a vibrant coworking community that appeals to potential leads. Not everything will work for every workspace, so really try to analyse your marketing efforts and improve over time!

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