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Enhancing property management: SaltoKS Integration with zapfloor revolutionises access control

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The integration of SaltoKS into the zapfloor platform has ushered in a new era for property management and access control industries. This innovative integration offers a wide array of unique advantages, ranging from convenient mobile access to improved visitor management. By combining these powerful features, SaltoKS and zapfloor provide a comprehensive and streamlined solution that transforms property and facility management practices.

Effortless Mobile Access

With the introduction of a whitelabel mobile app, users can now enjoy the convenience of mobile access, eliminating the need for traditional keys or access cards. This revolutionary feature empowers users to access properties, buildings, and rooms directly from their smartphones, ensuring flexibility and convenience like never before.

Seamless Reservation-Based Access

The integration allows access control to seamlessly integrate with reservation systems for meeting rooms and desks. By synchronising access permissions with reservations, users can effortlessly access their designated spaces, simplifying the check-in process and optimising resource utilisation.

Streamlined External Booking Access

Property managers can now offer external bookings through the zapfloor platform's website, thanks to the integration. By embedding an iFrame, individuals can easily book spaces and gain access, revolutionising the way property managers cater to external visitors. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and provides a seamless experience for both managers and visitors.

Contract-Based Access

Leveraging contract information, the integrated system ensures access control aligns with the terms and conditions specified in contracts. This feature ensures that access permissions are directly linked to contractual agreements, thereby enhancing security and compliance across managed properties.

Enhanced Visitor Management

The integration takes visitor management to new heights by enabling efficient visitor registrations, temporary access credential issuance, and activity monitoring. Property and facility managers can effortlessly handle visitor access, ensuring a professional and organized experience for guests while maintaining strict security protocols.

Scalability and Efficiency

The integrated system boasts scalability, making it an ideal choice for managing large or complex properties. By consolidating access control management into a single platform, property and facility managers can efficiently oversee multiple properties, saving time and effort in the process.

Automation for Streamlined Operations

Integrating SaltoKS with zapfloor empowers property managers to automate access control processes. By establishing access schedules for different areas of the property, managers can specify when certain spaces should be accessible or locked. This automation not only saves time but also minimises the risk of human error, ensuring smooth operations for properties with multiple tenants or occupants.

Heightened Security Measures

SaltoKS utilises advanced encryption and authentication protocols to guarantee that only authorised users gain access to buildings and rooms. By integrating SaltoKS with the zapfloor platform, property managers and facility operators can fortify their security measures, protecting properties from unauthorised access attempts.

Tenant Convenience

Tenants and occupants of managed properties benefit greatly from the SaltoKS and zapfloor integration. The zapfloor app allows tenants to effortlessly book meeting rooms and facilities, with SaltoKS access credentials granting them secure and controlled access to these areas. This seamless experience enhances convenience while maintaining stringent security measures.

Furthermore, zapfloor goes beyond traditional workspace management by leveraging data to track occupancy and optimise resource utilisation. With real-time occupancy monitoring, property managers can make informed decisions regarding space allocation and availability. Additionally, zapfloor's intelligent workflows enable automatic messages and reminders to be sent based on occupancy data. For instance, if a user has booked a space but is not present at the office, a reminder can be triggered to ensure optimal utilisation.

Another standout feature is zapfloor's Single Sign-On (SSO) capability, which sets it apart from other platforms. This seamless integration allows users to automatically log into SaltoKS without the need to enter separate SaltoKS credentials in the app. This streamlined authentication process enhances user experience and reduces friction when accessing properties and rooms.

In summary, the integration of SaltoKS into the zapfloor platform offers a wide range of benefits, including mobile access, reservation-based access, external booking capabilities, contract-based access control, improved visitor management, scalability, automation, heightened security measures, and tenant convenience. Combined with zapfloor's occupancy tracking, automated workflows, and SSO connectivity, this integration provides a comprehensive solution that empowers property and facility managers to optimise operations, enhance security, and deliver a seamless user experience. By saving time, reducing human error, and bolstering security measures, SaltoKS and zapfloor have truly transformed property and facility management practices, setting a new standard for the industry.