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Integrating zapfloor with Calendly for a seamless booking and sales process

calendly integration
Integrating zapfloor and Calendly can significantly streamline the booking and sales processes for businesses. By automating the creation of leads and deals when a new appointment is made, sales teams can schedule tours of their centers based on their personal calendars, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Streamlining booking, tours and sales processes

When a Calendly appointment is made, the integration can automatically create opportunities in zapfloor, such as tours, while also syncing contact information and creating automatic follow-ups. The event can even be synced to another CRM, such as Salesforce, for added convenience.

The objective of the integration is to create leads and deals in zapfloor automatically when a new appointment is made through Zapier. This offers a range of benefits for businesses, including the synchronisation of sales rep calendars and multiple sales rep calendars available in one source. With the iframe for the website already in place, customers can easily book appointments. Based on the type of tour, the calendar of the appropriate sales rep is selected to ensure that customers are always paired with the right person.

Creating leads and deals with ease

To make the most of the integration, businesses need a bookable resource with an agenda that visualises all the tour bookings. They also need the availability of "if...then" flows to move from one status to the next. The integration requires a "book a tour" button within "Appointments" on the website, and the website must contain an iframe to book a tour on specific dates. Once a tour is booked, the tour agenda is confirmed, and a mail is sent to the lead(s) and sales reps via Calendly. Finally, data sync of lead and deal occurs through Zapier, creating a lead with all the necessary details and a deal with the status of "tour booked" and a sales rep assigned to give the tour.

Streamlining booking and sales processes

The integration of Zapfloor with Calendly is an excellent way for businesses to streamline their booking and sales processes. By automating the creation of leads and deals, businesses can save time and increase efficiency. With the integration, sales reps' calendars are synced, which eliminates scheduling conflicts and makes it easier to schedule appointments. Multiple sales rep calendars are available in one source, which ensures that appointments are always booked with the right sales rep. This can help businesses provide a seamless and efficient booking and sales process, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Another benefit of the integration is that it can potentially reduce the need for extra licenses for Calendly and Zapier. Since the integration automates the creation of leads and deals, businesses may not need to purchase additional licenses to manage the process manually.

With the right setup and implementation, the integration can help businesses improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates, resulting in increased revenue and growth.