5 tips to zap up app engagement at your workspace!

Jan 16, 2023

app engagement
Hey there, community & workplace managers, and coworking connoisseurs! We know you’re all about creating an unforgettable experience for your members, where productivity meets playfulness. And what’s an essential ingredient in this mix? You guessed it — the mobile zapfloor app. It’s time to boost your members’ love for the app with our five tips. Let’s dive in!

Clear communication and benefits

Picture this—your members walk into the workspace, and boom! They’re greeted with a display of app benefits. Show ’em the app’s superpowers: easy desk and room bookings, real-time availability updates, seamless communication, and event notifications that teleport them to the coolest community happenings. Spread the word on social media, scatter QR codes at your lobby and open spaces, and make sure everyone knows the app is their gateway to workspace bliss.

Training and onboarding

Create a fusion of comprehensive training and onboarding sessions that will enchant your members completely. Show everyone how it’s done with hands-on demonstrations, video tutorials, and even real-life workshops. Wave away any doubts, get rid of confusion and eliminate any lingering uncertainty, and witness your members transform into skilled enthusiasts of the app.

Community engagement and collaboration

Unlock features that ignite a sense of camaraderie and collaboration. Enchant them with discussion forums or let them know about the table tennis tournament that’s happening this week. Encourage members to share their own stories, insights, questions, and recommendations, turning the app into a vibrant hub for all things workspace-related.

Learn more about our community engagement module here.

Don't let them forget

The power of push notifications! Encourage your members to activate push notifications that bring news, updates, and offers right to their fingertips. This ensures that the app is always at the forefront of your members’ minds.

Choose for a white-label version of the app

That way, the app becomes more recognisable for your members, and you can easily use it in your branding across your workspaces. A nice way to boost the app is to create a video on how to install and use it afterward. Spread the word through your social channels or through your screens in open spaces!
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