How zapfloor’s invoicing module helps coworking spaces optimising their finances

December 21, 2023

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zapfloor's invoicing module
We frequently receive a common query from our prospective clients: 'I’m facing challenges with invoicing. How does zapfloor handle this?' In response, we've crafted a brief blog post addressing this question.

Zapfloor's Invoicing Module emerges as a game-changer, offering coworking operators a powerful tool to streamline financial operations and elevate their financial management game.
Here's how we do it
Complete billing and order management:
One standout feature is the module's capability to handle billing and order management seamlessly across all your coworking locations. Whether you operate a single space or a network of coworking hubs, our Invoicing Module stands out by offering an efficient and complete solution for managing financial transactions.

Extensive financial reporting that includes revenue generated and forecasting:
Gain a comprehensive view of your coworking space's financial health. Track open orders, payment issues, and more. The module empowers operators with real-time insights into the financial status of their spaces, facilitating informed decision-making.

Automated indexation:
The Invoicing Module goes beyond basic billing by automating the invoicing of both fixed and variable costs. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy in financial transactions. Operators can set predetermined rules for automated indexation, allowing for seamless adjustments to prices and fees.

Track revenue and payment status:
Stay on top of your coworking space's financial performance with the module's intuitive tools to track expected revenue and monitor payment statuses. This proactive approach enables timely follow-ups for payments, reducing the risk of outstanding dues and promoting financial stability.

Integration with accountancy software:
Our commitment to flexibility is evident in our seamless integration with third-party accountancy software. We have a 2-way connection with several widely used accounting softwares that help you in not only syncing the invoices to the accounting tool but also in collecting payment information. These kinds of integrations ensure a smooth flow of financial data, allowing coworking operators to leverage their preferred accounting tools without any hassle. Take a look at all our accountancy integrations: Integrations

One-click monthly invoices:
Simplify your monthly invoicing process with the click of a button. Amazing, right? Our Invoicing Module empowers operators to generate monthly invoices effortlessly. This time-saving feature allows operators to focus on growing their coworking community while ensuring that invoicing remains a streamlined and stress-free process. As a bonus on this feature: You can also export drafts and invoices in any format you want (Excel, CSV, pdf).
To sum it all up
Our advanced Invoicing Module stands as a testament to the commitment to excellence in coworking space management. By automating invoicing, providing financial visibility, and integrating seamlessly with existing systems, the module is a must-have for coworking operators looking to take control of their finances and elevate the overall coworking experience. Keen to streamline your invoicing process? Connect with us for a personalised demonstration of our invoicing module. Book a call now to take the first step towards financial efficiency.

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