Coworking spaces:
Myths vs. reality

June 4th, 2024

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Myth 1: Coworking spaces are the more expensive option
This is a frequent argument from business owners, but it’s far from accurate. In reality, coworking spaces can ctually be more cost-effective. Consider that with hybrid working, you might only need one seat for every two or three employees. Rather than leasing an entire building or flor, or purchasing your own office, coworking spaces offer flexibility. You can adjust your office rental based on the actual usage of your employees.

Every coworking space has different pricing models. Some charge per seat, while others charge per user. It all depends on your team’s specific requirements.
Myth 2: Coworking spaces are too loud
We get it, a lot of people in an open space might make you think that coworking spaces are too loud and distracting. However, one of the greatest advantages of coworking spaces is the ability to choose your working area. You can opt for a quiet zone where you can fully concentrate. Coworking spaces are designed with diverse zones to cater to different types of workdays. There are areas for brainstorming and meetings, as well as spaces where you can focus on your tasks. In fact, reports that 74% of coworkers are more productive.
Myth 3: Coworking spaces are only for freelancers or startups
This might have been true in the past, but it’s no longer the case. Large corporations now rent private offices in coworking spaces to make commuting easier for their employees. The days of travelling to a central headquarters every day are behind us. Offering multiple coworking office locations gives employees the corporate amenities they need, but closer to home. Today’s coworking spaces host a mix of freelancers, startups, and large corporates.
Myth 4: Coworking spaces don’t support team growth
Coworking spaces are incredibly flexible. If your team’s office attendance varies, or if you need to expand and require more space, it’s easy to adjust. You can opt for a larger private office or combine it with flexible desks in open areas. Coworking spaces offer unlimited options and can be tailored to fit your team’s evolving needs.
Myth 5: It is the same as renting an office space
While it’s true that you rent a space to work, coworking spaces offer much more than traditional office rentals. They provide an environment where you can work, network, and boost your productivity, complete with all the resources you need for an efficient workday. Unlike traditional offices, coworking spaces come with added perks like great coffee and recreational facilities such as table tennis tables. Additionally, coworking spaces tend to be more modern and better equipped than traditional office spaces.
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