The perks of working at a coworking space

June 25th, 2024

perks of coworking
Over the last few weeks, we've been exploring the numerous benefits of coworking spaces. Here's a comprehensive look at why coworking spaces are so advantageous.
Benefit 1: A sense of community
Coworking spaces foster connections with like-minded individuals and those with diverse perspectives, creating a well-rounded experience. Bringing people together in dynamic, collaborative environments boosts productivity, sparks innovation, and builds a vibrant community.Organising small events, from member lunches to expert workshops, helps bring people back to the office and closer to each other.Want to learn more about building a coworking community? Read our ebook: “How to Build a Coworking Community”.
Benefit 2: Increased productivity
According to a GCUC study, 84% of people who work in a coworking space feel more productive and motivated. Coworking spaces offer assets that home offices or traditional company offices might not. They provide different zones for various types of work, depending on what you need to focus on. Need to brainstorm? Meeting rooms and open zones are ideal. Need a quiet day with full focus? Book a desk in a silent zone or a phone booth to reduce outside noise.

Need a break? Have a quick chat at the coffee corner or play a game of table tennis. A coworking space offers all the amenities you would otherwise have to pay for as a company. More on that in the next benefit!
Benefit 3: Networking
In a coworking space, meaningful connections form naturally through casual, friendly interactions, often leading to business opportunities without the pressure of sales. An introduction at the coffee machine is much more spontaneous than a cold email. Moreover, coworking spaces make it easier to connect with people who have expertise that your team might lack. A coworking app can help you see which members are active and what their areas of expertise are. Many freelancers use coworking spaces, so if you're looking for a marketing specialist, you might find one in the member list or by posting a message on the community board.

Many coworking spaces also organise professional networking events to connect people with different expertise.
Benefit 4: Access to amenities
Coworking spaces come equipped with many amenities you would otherwise have to pay for yourself, such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, printing services, and perks like excellent coffee and wellness programs. Coworking spaces save you the hassle and expense of offering these facilities on your own, and they have often tested them to ensure you get the best quality.
Coworking spaces offer an array of benefits that can boost productivity, foster community, and enhance your work experience.

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