Streamline your workspace management with zapfloor's smart allocation

February 10, 2023

smart allocation
In today’s fast-paced work environment, it’s important to have an efficient and effective way to manage your office space(s). We recently introduced a new feature to help you do just that – the Allocation Rule for Access Groups.With this new feature, you can prioritise where people will work, based a capacity and availability. This way, you can ensure that you office space is used in the most effective and the most sustainable way.Here’s how the allocation rule advantages your office spaces:With zapfloor you divide your office spaces into different zones. Previously, with a standard setup, everyone could book in the zone they preferred. Not the most efficient, nor cost-saving.

So, if you want to optimise office space utilisation, with this new update you can activate priority and allocation of zones. For example, you choose to fill up zone 1 first. Once this one is fully booked, zapfloor will give your users access to the second zone.This unlocks another level of smart management of your buildings. You can save costs on several zones or floors that are not being used on a certain days, by turning off the lights or ventilation system and reducing cleaning costs on spaces that were not used.
smart allocation overview
The new Allocation Rule for Access Groups feature is a simple, yet powerful tool to help manage your office space. By creating access groups, activating smart allocation, and monitoring usage, you can ensure that your office space is being used effectively and efficiently and that everyone has the space they need to get their work done.

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