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Pioneering modern workspace management: The Luckey and zapfloor collaboration

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New integration update! Recently, we integrated with a new access control software, Luckey. Incorporating technical solutions is essential for creating efficient and flexible work environments. The collaboration between Luckey and zapfloor combines cutting-edge access control with advanced workspace management. Find out everything about the integration below!

Introducing Luckey by Sofia part of ISEO

Luckey by Sofia part of ISEO, is a proptech company addressing the growing need for secure and flexible space management in coworking, flexible living, and retail environments. Its flagship access management system, Luckey, transforms space and resource management with advanced technology.

Luckey uses digital locks, IoT, virtualisation, and cloud technology to provide a secure, efficient, and scalable solution, reducing costs and enhancing adaptability for modern real estate.

As shared experiences become more popular, Luckey helps stakeholders lead this change. Its seamless integration with PMS, ERP, and BMS simplifies operations and enhances tenant experiences, making it essential in today's tech-driven world.

Zapfloor: Enhancing workspace efficiency

Zapfloor is a versatile workspace management software that simplifies operations in coworking, serviced offices, and corporate environments. The platform's extensive features cater to the flexible needs of modern workplaces, enhancing efficiency and user experience.

From desk booking and management to reporting incidents via the digital help desk, our platform enables workplace managers, teams, and external visitors to enjoy a seamless workspace experience every day. Moreover, our integrations are more advanced and profound than those of other industry players, seamlessly connecting various tools and systems. Our mission is to bring people and the digital office experience closer together, creating a cohesive and productive work environment.

Strengthening security measures

Integrating Luckey and zapfloor marks a significant step forward in access management technology, combining their strengths to deliver improved security and more efficient operations.

Integration key features:
  • User synchronisation: zapfloor users can manually select users for synchronisation with Luckey, quickly creating corresponding profiles. Activation emails ensure a smooth onboarding experience.
  • Smart lock synchronisation: Users can download all locks registered in Luckey within zapfloor. The intuitive mapping features allow for efficient management and coordination of locks with specific resources.
  • Reservation management: Managing reservations becomes seamless with zapfloor’s integration capabilities. Users can create, modify, or delete reservations within zapfloor, triggering corresponding actions in Luckey. For example, when a reservation is made for a specific resource, credential rules are automatically generated in Luckey for associated locks, ensuring secure access management.

This integration ensures that the combined capabilities of Luckey and zapfloor provide robust access control, minimise unauthorised entry, and enhance overall security. By merging access control with workspace management, organisations can streamline operations, reduce administrative burdens, and improve efficiency. This seamless integration also offers a smooth user experience, from booking desks and meeting rooms to managing access credentials.

Looking into the future of flexible workspaces

Integrating Luckey and zapfloor benefits coworking spaces, serviced offices, and corporate environments. The combined platform enhances community engagement, streamlines bookings, and ensures secure access to various areas in coworking spaces. For corporate environments, it offers a unified solution for managing hybrid work models, optimising office layouts, and improving employee experiences. Looking ahead, the partnership between Luckey and zapfloor is set to drive further innovations in workspace management and access control. As organisations embrace flexible work arrangements and the real estate sector evolves, the demand for integrated, adaptive solutions will only increase. This collaboration establishes a benchmark for future developments, paving the way for more innovative, efficient, and secure work environments.

In conclusion, the integration of Luckey by Sofia, part of ISEO, and zapfloor marks a significant advancement in workspace management and access control. By combining their strengths, these platforms offer a robust, flexible, and scalable solution that meets the demands of modern work environments. Whether for coworking spaces, serviced offices, or corporate settings, the integrated capabilities of Luckey and zapfloor enhance security, streamline operations, and improve user experiences. This integration sets the stage for a future where efficiency, adaptability, and innovation are the norm in workspace management.

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