On-demand webinar: Expanding your coworking space – 5 things you should know

In this on-demand webinar, together with Coworking Europe organizer Jean-Yves Huwart, we dive into the world of coworking expansion. With 5 tips from real industry experts, we prepare you to start growing your coworking space(es).

Our speakers

Coworking Europe webinar zapfloor

Jean-Yves Huwart – Coworking Europe

Founder and organizer Coworking Europe

Kitty Bons

Kitty Bons – zapfloor

Customer Success Manager

expand coworking space webinar

What you can expect in this webinar?

  • Should you expand your coworking space?
  • What to research first
  • How to hack your coworking growth?
  • The power of your brand
  • Q & A session

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