Facility Management Insights: A Guide to Flexible and Agile Workspaces

In this webinar with investment office Deparco, we guide you through the most advanced way of agile working. Since the Covid-19 crisis, a lot has changed at the office. We need to be more flexible, digital, and efficient than ever.

How far are you in the agile working process and did you cover everything your employees need? Find out in this webinar.

Our Speakers

Ann Beutels - Deparco

Head of Real Estate

Thomas Celen - zapfloor


On the agenda

  • The evolving landscape of work
  • Agile Working: covering flexible working, the new way of working, and agile working
  • Pitfalls & Advantages of Agile Working, and the effect it has on your workforce
  • How to get started with it and how technology plays a role in all of this
  • The future of Agile Working
  • A gift from us for you and an interactive Q&A session

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