How to build a coworking space brand

July 25, 2022
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coworking branding

What does your branding say about your coworking space? A lot more than you might think! Your branding is a piece of your identity that seeps into every communication you broadcast to the world. Without it, your space simply becomes ‘another coworking space’ or ‘serviced office’. You become replaceable.

A strong brand will create a connection with your target audience. It will make you stand out amidst the competition. In this article, we’ll dive into why your branding matters and give you examples of how your branding can be used as a tool to attract your ideal type of member or tenant.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into it.



With agile working on the rise, companies are rethinking the set expectations of having an entire workforce come into a central office every day. Nowadays, it’s a lot more common for employees to work remotely part of the time.

However, the home office isn’t for everyone. For some, an office at home brings too many distractions to get any meaningful amount of work done. While working remotely is a nice benefit, they might prefer a dedicated workspace, separate from their home environment.

This need comes with an easy fix: coworking.

With the rise in popularity of coworking spaces also comes a rise in the amount of competition. How can a coworking space or serviced office stand out and grab the attention and interest of this new group of potential tenants?

That’s where your branding plays a crucial role. What defines your identity as a brand? What do you offer that solves a problem for your target audience and sets you apart from the competition? In other words: what makes you ‘you’?


Begin with asking yourself who your target audience is. Coworking isn’t as niche as it once was. There are many submarkets in the coworking world you can focus yourself on. The main ones are:

  • Walk-in’s or externals
  • Remote workers and freelancers
  • Small companies
  • Corporations

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However, you don’t have to limit yourself to these groups. There are coworking spaces out there for everyone. Some examples of real-life niche coworking spaces: a coworking space for elderly people (60+ of age), a female-only space, a space for musicians (with lots of specialized equipment and studios).

Whichever group you decide to focus on will ideally shape part of your branding.

Say you want to open a space specifically for remote workers and freelancers. This type of tenant likes to feel like they’re a part of a more vibrant community with networking possibilities. Potential tenants should instantly become aware this is something your space offers.

In the end, your brand is defined by how your customers perceive you. So, show off those unique selling points!


As you most likely realize by now, your brand is more than just a logo and a slogan. It’s a claim you constantly have to validate. That’s why consistency is key. In this segment, we’ll talk about the four main communication carriers in which your branding plays a crucial role.


  • Your website: Your website is where potential members and tenants often get a first impression of who you are and what you do. Talk about the value you offer. Readers don’t care about the 17 companies working at your coworking space. They care about the networking possibilities and how you bring your tenants together with events.
  • Social media: Use your social media to engage your audience. Post captivating images of your spaces. Images convey emotions and the way you make people feel will get associated with your brand.
  • Newsletters: Newsletters too, are carriers of your branding. Your tone of voice, the images you use, the content you share. It’s all constantly making a claim about who you are.
  • Physical locations: Your members and tenants should feel the difference between your coworking space and any other office. To achieve this, you can use your brand color palette, unique shapes that are typical to your branding, recognizable names for floors or zones, characterizing messaging or art, and more.

Whichever brand claims you decide to make. Be sure to live up to them. If you claim to be the most flexible office space in the city, but close after 5pm and don’t offer a mobile booking app, then you’ll lose all your credibility.

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