Your digital help desk for the office

With zapfloor, you can easily report incidents and track their progress in just three clicks. Our system allows you to filter incidents based on various criteria such as status, priority, and category, making it easy to find and resolve the incidents that matter most. Additionally, our system integrates with external applications to provide even more functionality and convenience.

digital helpdesk

For shared office spaces &
flexible working arrangements

Digital help desk for coworking spaces
  • Easy reporting of incidents with just three clicks
  • Real-time notifications on incident status for users
  • Comprehensive incident tracking with priority level and improvement tracking
  • Streamlined communication, reducing the need for email
  • External application integration for added functionality

For hybrid teams &
corporate businesses

Digital help desk for corporate environments
  • Integration with existing incident management systems for seamless transition
  • Easy reporting of incidents with just three clicks​
  • Swift response to open inquiries and complaints
  • Assign tasks and resolve issues efficiently
  • Ensure no issues or reminders get lost with follow-up feature

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