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An update on the war for talent

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Things that you will learn from the eBook

01 The current state of employee's needs
In the first chapter we'll introduce you into your Employee Value Proposition. Do employees still seek the same benefits they did years ago?

02 Establishing a modern-day Employee Value Proposition
Employees and their benefits should be viewed as any other investment you make. A handy tool to use: the RESCUED system.

03 A post-Covid world
It is without a doubt that that Covid has had an impact on our professional lives. So, how can you maintain your company culture while working partly from home?

04 The war for Millennial talent
How the work/life balance turns out to be more important for Millennials than any other older generations.

05 Flexible working on the rise
Flexibility appears to be in high demand. For many companies, catering to this need means charting unexplored territories. How can HR establish functional policies that meet these evolving requirements?

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